Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Poor Bastards of Cinema: I Eat Your Skin

A Film about Zombies should have some death in it.

I Eat Your Skin- a Film about Zombies in an Island off of Miami- fills that quota.

Our Hero sees one of them and tries to get some help.
The only one nearby is this Fisherman.
He asks the guy to lead him to the nearest Village, but they run afoul of, well, the same Zombie.
This Zombie uses a machete (since this was Filmed before the 'Zombies don't use weapons' trope) and chops off the guy's head!
This guy somehow lived in peace with the Zombies, but dies within 5 minutes of meeting our Hero.

The lesson- don't greet Tourists.  Even if you don't get killed, it never ends well.

Next time, a recent Animated Film turns a key death into one of these.  I might as well include it!  See you then...

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