Saturday, August 31, 2019

Lost in Translation and Impossibly-Cool Cover Art: Sharknado

The Comic Book streak ends!  No worries- I've got a new one to start.

I've mined the joys of Japanese Posters for terrible American Movies in the past.  It's time to do it all over again with some new ones!

To start off strong, the Film that kept Syfy going- Sharknado!
Holy crap!

"I don't know what a Sharknado is, but this Movie looks bad-ass," says a Japanese Man seeing this Poster.

Of course, the reality of it is that the Movie is...

A) Silly
B) Not that good
C) Doesn't have the Budget to ever look this good.

Here's the original...
I didn't need to do much here.  As usual, I amped up the colors a bit and some contrast.  It's pretty great without me, but *slightly* better now.

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