Saturday, May 25, 2019

Zoned Out: The Twilight Zone- 'Six Degrees of Freedom'

Another week and another trip to that famous place.  This time, we're going into Space and experiencing...
A planned trip to Mars is a big deal for these Astronauts.  It gets bigger, since...
A Twilight Zone twist means that the Earth is seemingly-devastated by nuclear war.  As that approaches, they choose to go escape and remake civilization.
The trip is long- about 9 months- so they had better get used to those weird, round doors and each other.
As the trip goes on, tensions mount, but they are professionals.  They can and must hold it together...right?
Things get worse as one of them forms a theory that will derail all sense of structure to this mission.  Is he right?  Is he wrong?  Does it matter?

To find out, watch the Episode.  You get a Picard Show coming soon, so look forward to that.
A fairly-subtle, slow burn of an Episode.  They are really good at being restrained when necessary on this Show, which I like.  As a series of self-contained stories, it is good to have variety.  It seems like next Episode is going to be pretty intense, so this placement seems intentional.  Episode Order doesn't matter as far as story, but you imagine that someone must be in charge of deciding the Airing Order for reasons like this.  The Story is good.  You don't see stuff as much as you are told stuff happens, which is a little disappointing.  In terms of this being an Episode of TV, I get it.  In the grand scheme of things, it also makes sense- no SPOILERS.  With limited F/X and a tight Setting, it all comes down to the Actors.  All in all, they do a good job here.  The way the Episode plays out isn't exactly how I was hoping, but that's not a big deal.  Six Degrees is a slow-burning tease of an Episode with some interesting pay-off.  It also sends a good lesson- weirdoes with beards look weird the more ragged they get.
Next time, an Episode about people going crazy in America.  In the Age of Trump and acting like Nazis 'aren't all bad,' is this even Sci-Fi?  See you then...

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