Tuesday, May 21, 2019

DCE-Hulu: Doom Patrol- 'Frances Patrol'

Another week and this time they look for the Chief!  Nah, just kidding.  They do say it once, so that's good enough...
Negative Man continues to try and bond with the spirit/creature inside of him.  It keeps letting him see/re-enact moments from his past that he could improve.

Is there something more going on though?
Cyborg faces a literal internal crisis as his robotic-side might be trying to take over.  Ouch.
Robotman and Elasti-Girl are in Florida to try and reunite the former with his Daughter after a tragic event.

FYI the Episode Name is from an Alligator.  Sadly, they don't go to multiple versions of France.  Merde!
Can (Crazy) Jane be the voice of reason and keep their kind-of quest to save the Chief going?

To find out, stream it.  You know you want to hate-watch Catwoman...
I'm truly torn on this one.  I want to complain about how what little Main Plot they have is going nowhere.  It took TWO EPISODES for them to actually read the Mentallo name on the Comic Book Page given to them in Episode 9.  You guys suck at observation!  We get yet another 'we need to look for the Chief' line, but that's about it.  Here's the flipside though: the rest of the Episode is quite good.  If they're going to drag their feet, they are at least being good while doing so.  This stands in contrast to, say, two stand-alone Episodes (out of 11) about Hawk and Dove.  The side stories that drive the Episode are solid and made me feel more about stuff that I wouldn't think possible to care about.  Do I care that a brain in a metal body can't help but feel jealous of the man who raised his Daughter?  Do I care that a fictional gay man exposed to cosmic radiation never could accept himself?  Yes!  It sounds weird, but that's a credit to the Writing and Acting.  I cared when all logic said otherwise.  Doom Patrol is managing to keep up with the good distractions, but it will only get them so far.  They did give me a new line to replace 'Does this smell like Chloroform?' though- 'Look at my Elbow.'
Next time, we get...something.  I don't bother to make predictions at this point.  See you then...

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