Saturday, May 4, 2019

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Cameron's Closet (Part 1)

A Plot full of death is bound to include some people that die for no good reason.

In Cameron's Closet, Alan is the Brother of the Mother of Cameron.  He shows up when her Boyfriend is killed by the Demon.
He just wants to help his Sister and Nephew, even showing up again later when they move away to escape the creature (unsuccessfully).
Naturally, his reward is to die a violent death.  That's not all though...

The Demon takes the form of his Sister, implying that he had some sort of incestuous feelings for her (that the Film doesn't establish).

So, basically, they kill the Character before, well, they kill the Character.
The lesson- avoid family in need.

Next time, another random victim with even less connection to the Story.  One more for the kill count!  See you then...

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