Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Happy Hell Night (1992)

One last experience with this silly night.

In HHN, we see the Nurse watching over the Sanitarium.  She's disinterested and watching TV.

In her defense, she apparently works ALONE and it is Midnight.  What should she be doing?
The Demon Priest is let loose and grabs a scalpel, which is always lying around.
Confusingly, it/he slashes at some weird angle and cuts her throat...
...which makes this big blood splatter effect.  Do I even want to get into the physics of how that worked?!?
This poor lady was probably making minimum wage and watching crazy people.  That clearly means that she must die!!!!

The moral: don't work in a Sanitarium on Halloween.  Just tell them to lock the doors to the front and let them trick r treat with each other.

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