Saturday, December 9, 2017

Creepy Rigatoni: Channel Zero, No-End House- Finale

No, I didn't forget to do this- I intentionally put this one off.  I didn't want this to end.

Considering that there's a new Season coming next Year, I can finally cover the last Episode of this Season/Story...
Margot and Jules are true BFFs.  They are separated by a magical House that seems to create its own reality and appear at will once a year.
When the House reappears, can Jules make it in AND out with Margot?  Will it fight back?
Has Margot been in the House too long?  Does she remember her old life anymore?
No matter what happens- which I won't SPOIL- this is the end of this Story.  So long...
 A good exit for this Story.  As always, this is about slower, more subtle horror than normal.  The biggest moment is the part I teased with Jules in the weird egg-sac thing.  Since everything is so subdued, this one feels all the more impactful.  The subtle stuff continues to be quite good too, like seeing the dynamic between Margot and 'her Dad.'  Seeing them interact when you know how the whole way he 'eats' works is nice and dark.  The biggest draw here is the Margot and Jules dynamic.  You really feel for both of them and it totally draws you in.  You want them to succeed.  You want them to survive.  If you're a fan of this kind of stuff by now (like It Follows), you really should check out this Season.  In many ways, it is similar to Candle Cove.  At the same time, it is also quite different.  Here's hoping for this freaky in Season 3...
Next time, we return when the Show does.  In the meantime, read all my other crap.  See you then...

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  1. Going to admit it: reading your articles led me to watching this show. I passed the first season on when it first came out, but seeing your articles led me to give it a try, and... well, I am honestly shocked at how much I have enjoyed this series. I watched both seasons recently; 'Candle Cove' I split up over three days (I don't do binge-watching as a rule), but 'No-End House' ended up going in two because I couldn't stop watching it. It plays less like a series of episodes and more as a big four-and-a-half hour movie.

    I admit I give No-End House the edge over Candle Cove, specifically because the way it treats the 'monsters'. The doppelgangers aren't these inhuman creatures; they are people, just ones who can't fight their own nature. I suppose that makes them an appropriate form of vampire, in essence.

    Bonus points for the ending, and the fact that one certain character makes it (not fair posting spoilers, of course). I spent the entire story expecting them to get it, only to be surprised at the role they end up playing. Good job on that, series.

    I'm not a fan of creepypastas (I find many have good ideas but lean towards cheap ineffective 'shocks'), but I love what this series has done with them. I'm a bit disappointed this show hasn't gotten enough of a following, but it -is- on 'syfy'... I'll be anticipating series 3 next year!