Friday, December 8, 2017

Back in 'Black': Black Mirror- San Junipero

After a too long absence, I return to Black Mirror.  Is it a coincidence that I'm doing so before the Premiere of Season 4?

Obviously not.

Pandering aside, let me start with the most famous one from the first Netflix Season....
A young woman makes a big, bold move- go into San Junipero and interact with other people.
Her awkward charm gets the attention of a girl in the Bar and they form a surprising bond.
Every week, she keeps coming back.  What is going on between them?
The Episode/Film takes a big turn that, well, I won't SPOIL

All I can say  It is clear why this won the Emmy.
So worth the wait.  There was some concern when the Series went from being purely British to being produced for Netflix.  Would it keep the same deep tone?  Would it keep up the quality?  Thankfully, the answer seems to be 'yes.'  San Junipero is an understandably-well-regarded Film/Episode.  It looks amazing.  The Writing is good.  The whole thing is shot very well.  The whole thing is quite well acted.  It is hard to talk about this one without SPOILing the second half of it.  Things start to get weird and then you know why.  I can say that it really worked for me.  It gets sad.  It gets happy.  The critical acclaim is well-deserved and it is definitely a must-see.  This is coming from a guy who still hasn't watched a single Episode of Orange is the New Black or House of Cards, so I know a thing or two about must-watch.
Next time, another Episode of Black Mirror with critical acclaim. bees.  See you then...

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