Saturday, June 18, 2016

Rare Import Flix: The Invisible Man vs The Human Fly

Someone beat the guy from Ant-Man to his plan by nearly 50 years!  Today's Film is The Invisible Man vs The Human Fly, a 1957 pick from Japan.  It actually *isn't* a follow-up to The Invisible Man Appears or The Invisible Man (an unrelated 1954 Film that has never been released outside of Japan).  Japan is confusing, right?  In this Film, a pair of Scientists find a different way to make you invisible- light rays.  Meanwhile, someone has invented an even sillier technology for Michael Douglas to steal and claim as his own.  A rash of murders takes place in Japan and both technologies are coming into play.  Its Director is Mitsuo Murayama, a man whose Credits on IMDB are a series of filler pages with almost no details.  Help us out, Japanese IMDB Users.  Is this one good enough to get more information about it?  To find out, read on...
The first of a series of 'Locked Room Murders' happens- this time on a Plane.  Investigation time!
In Plot B, people at a really fake and silly-looking building have found a way to make you invisible without going crazy.  Why didn't you use that one, Kevin Bacon?!?
Another murder happens- this time in a Public Park in broad (no pun intended) daylight.  The culprit?
This tiny dude in a tree!  Can you even see him?
This is The Human Fly, not to be confused with that guy who climbs buildings, the guy who got his own Marvel Comic, the obscure Hero or that D-List Spider-Man Villain.

If you want to know how he can fly, well...he is just so light...or something.
The Invisibility Ray works and some debate takes place over whether to use it to help stop the murders.  If nothing else, you can create the Bohemian Rhapsody Video.
While trying to take out the next target, our villain manages into a bunch of acid.  Ouch.
Not to be stopped, he starts a new plan (with his Boss): to blow up stuff until he gets his demands!
After a trade and a shoot-out, the Villain is caught by...our Invisible Woman.  Who said that Sue Storm was useless again?  The End.
Fun stuff, but also a bit too silly at times.  The Human Fly- what can you say about this?  He shrinks down, makes a buzzing sound and flies around without wings.  If he wasn't killing people, he'd be hilarious.  Actually, he still kind of is.  How does he fly again?  He just does.  Science!  Does he have to make that noise?  It is all just so damn ridiculous.  Considering how serious they play up the Invisibility angle, this one is especially funny.  Just imagine if there was one guy in the X-Men Films who got his powers from being bitten by a Leprechaun- it would stand out.  The overall serious Tone of the Film also makes the Human Fly stuff feel extra silly.  With that said, the Film is still pretty good.  The Invisibility effects are actually quite good- shows what 8 years can do.  All in all, the Film is a fun one to track down- you just have to accept the silliness of the villain.  He does do what most of us what do with these powers though...
Next up, I keep this Invisible Theme within a Theme going for this Holiday.  After over a month of waiting, I can finally talk about this one!  Stay tuned...

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