Wednesday, June 29, 2016

New Flix: Cyborg X (2016)

Will this Sci-Fi/Action Film redeem the last one?  Will it at least be interesting?  Let's see...
In the not-too-distant future (next Sunday A.D.), we made Robots and Cyborgs.  Bad idea.
They kind of killed most of us, leading to a Mad Max-inspired wasteland.  Doesn't it always?
One man is the key (isn't it always?) to putting a stop to these Cyborg and Drones.  He's not friendly.
These guys have machine gun hands- taking that Neil Young lyric to hear too literally.  Insert Bane joke here.
Can our motley crew of Soldiers and Outlaws stop the threat before it is too late?
Or is the Earth just doomed to always turn into a robot wasteland?  To find out, watch the Film.
Somewhere between Classic and Syfy trash, this movie lies.  It isn't really bad.  It isn't really good.  It is a decently-Acted tale with some low-budget Effects and explosions.  The Story isn't really all that great.  We made Robots, someone made them evil and then all hell went wrong.  It is pretty standard stuff.  At least this tale of Robots didn't involve Time-Travel, I guess.  Killer Cyborgs and Drones are nothing new.  In fact, one of the Stars here- Danny Trejo- was already in a Film about killer Drones.  Probably more than one, to be honest, but only one that I've seen.  This is all just an excuse for a bunch of shooting, explosions and...even more shooting.  They expend more fake bullets in this thing that most people do in a Call of Duty Deathmatch!  All of the stuff most of us don't like- CG Blood, for example- is unfortunately here.  Likewise, they use Cyborgs as what seems to be a money-saving tool.  Regardless, they are freaky-looking Cyborgs, so I'm not complaining *that* much.  With so little originality here, I don't give them points for it in this regard.  All in all, the Film has alot of little problems that eventually add up.  This is a fun enough rental, but never really achieves anything great.  On the plus side, shotgun-wielding Danny Trejo.
Basic stuff to watch and enjoy.  Beyond that, there's nothing new here at all.

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