Friday, June 24, 2016

New Flix: Electra Woman and Dyna Girl (2016)

By the power of YouTube!  With so much focus on the Internet, why not relaunch a 1970s TV Show that way?
Electra Woman and Dyna Girl are Superheroes!  The only problem...
There are no Villains.  As such, they are basically just Mascots and Celebrities.
After a crime stopping goes viral, our Heroes get new Management.  You can trust this guy, right?
With no tech and new style, can the heroic duo become relevant again?
...or will they just turn into Kardashians (the worst kind of fate)?
When a Villain appears to start the 3rd Act, they just may have their chance to be Heroes.  To find out, watch the Film/Show.
Silly and fun stuff.  This update of the cult TV Show doesn't try to be a big, serious Film/Show.  It is just the adventures of 2 ladies that want to do good, become famous and don't quite handle it too well.  The whole thing is chock full of jokes, sight gags and deadpan humor.  The basic Story is played straight, but is filled to the brim with silly moments.  Superheroes as tabloid material.  Superheroes handling fame.  Superheroes dealing with wacky gadgets.  Towards the end, it even gets pretty Meta.  The big thing is the relationship between the 2 Heroes, which has a nice, natural feel.  The pair feel like they really have been doing this together for a long time.  This is important for later as the Plot develops and the stakes get raised.  If you don't buy into them as a duo, the whole thing falls a little flat.  The Plot doesn't have a whole lot going on if you really get down to it.  Bear in mind that this was made as an 8-Episode Show for YouTube and then compiled together as Feature Length though.  It is still quite fun and manages to update things in a pretty natural way.  With all the focus on internet hatred for the new Ghostbusters (before 99.8% have seen it), let's all just watch stuff like this and chill out...
Fun stuff that doesn't try to be The Avengers or Batman v Superman.  If you can enjoy the silliness, it can be quite fun.

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