Monday, June 27, 2016

New Flix: Robot World (2015)

In Space, nobody can hear you yawn.  Let's see if I can stay awake for this whole thing...
In the future, we come up with a plan to travel through Space via two docking stations.  NASA's budget was clearly blown, so they had to resort to basic Animation to explain it.
This is the first man to make the journey, teleporting from one ship to another, the latter of which is docking the other Planet.
When his vehicle is seemingly-shot down, he...wanders around.
He wanders some more, seeing stuff vaguely in the distance.  Thrilling!
Eventually, his nature hike leads him to some Robots, one of whom becomes his companion (for some reason)...
As his slow hike around this new World continues, will he survive the deadly robots and learn the truth?  To find out, watch the Film (I guess).
A whole new- and boring- World.  Look- I get it.  This isn't Aliens.  This isn't Avatar.  This isn't even Aliens vs. Avatars (look it up).  This is someone making a Film for not much money.  That said, it still isn't an interesting Film.  As I've said many times, the Budget is only one aspect of the Movie to focus on.  For this one, they actually get some decent-looking CG.  It is used pretty sparingly over all and has some cheats involved (dark lighting, for one).  So you can't make super-cool-looking Robots- fine.  The problem; you didn't write an interesting Script.  You have one guy wandering around and sometimes Robots show up.  That's pretty much it.  For a place 'called' Robot World, there are only like 4 of them!  The Movie has a decent beginning and a decent Ending (although it needs explanation I can't bring you here), but everything else is so dull.  I'm not a 'Hater,' but this Movie was not good.  Somewhere between an interesting Film with Robots and a Tourism Documentary, there is Robot World.  Don't be fooled by the cool Robot on some of the Covers.  Don't be fooled by the Title.  This is just about as enthralling as, well, a robot dog fart...
Considering I had never heard of the Film, I didn't exactly expect much.  Even still, I wanted something more than a slow Tour of some fields in England.

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