Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Quick Reviews: Space Cop

He's not a Werewolf, but he is a wacky Cop in a low-budget Film.  Close enough!
In the year 2058, Crime is on the rise.  People in silly masks and face paint are in peril.
This looks like a job for Space Cop...who is fat, lazy, irresponsible and sloppy.  Hurray?
In the wake of blowing up part of the Moon, he's sent on a new assignment by his Boss (Patton Oswalt).

Wasn't he also the Police Chief in Dude Bro Party Massacre III?  What's the deal?!?
An accident sends Space Cop to the past, where his penchant for destruction and death is equally-unpunished.  Okay...
Can a terrible Cop from the Future and a slightly-less-terrible Cop from the past save the day?
Or will their combined failure rating be too much?  To find out, watch the Film.
Kung Fury this is not.  To be fair, this one was allegedly in some form of production for around 12 years.  Having watched the Film, I can't believe that they took that much time for this.  For comparison, Eraserhead was produced in 7.  As someone on IMDB noted, the people behind this Film- Red Letter Media- gave Kung Fury a pretty low score when it finally appeared.  Did they really not like it OR did they hate that someone did it better before them?  I can't speak for them, but I certainly have my own theory.  The whole schtick is that Space Cop is really bad at his job, but keeps getting rewarded for it.  He's kind of funny at times, but it was just too forced for me.  He's doing the same kind of 'faux tough guy' voice that Sandberg does in Fury- it just doesn't work as well.  His Character doesn't have anything to make him redeemable or anything- he's just an asshole.  Unlike Fury, this one is Feature-Length.  Like Army of Frankensteins, that comes with benefits and drawbacks.  In that Film's case, it expanded the Story and gave focus to the Characters.  Was it too long?  Possibly.  In *this* Film's case, it leaves room for a pretty pointless Arc for the Character, extended takes (which rarely work) and still not much Story.  This could have worked well at 30 minutes to an hour long, but it winds up at just over 90 minutes.  Yea?  If you're into this kind of Comedy, it has good moments...but way too many so-so or bad moments.  It does give the message that some people who actually paid for this thing may need to use...
Dumb, silly stuff that sometimes works.  More times than not, however, it just kind of drags.

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