Thursday, June 30, 2016

New Flix: Arrowhead (2016)

After two disappointing Sci-Fi Films in a row, can this one end the streak?  Let's find out...
At the Prison from The Running Man, our Hero escapes (at the cost of a limb).  Where to next?

He is sent to a strange Planet to work with the Arrowhead (roll credits) ship in an experiment.
Life on the Planet is...confusing.  There's some other guy, but he dies (after a Scene is cut).  There's lots of wandering...again.
He meets a lady in some Pod and works with her to try to figure things out.  Try not to look *too much* like Prometheus...
There's a whole Plot involving some sort of Virus on the Planet as well.  Where does it go?
Can our hero survive on this strange world?  Will the robot from Destiny help him?

To find out, watch the Film.
An A for effort, but a D for Delivery.  This one was apparently a 'labor of love' for those involved.  It started out as a Short Film in 2012 and eventually became a full one in 2016.  The end result: a muddled Film that isn't as interesting it thinks.  Arrowhead has alot of Plot.  Arrowhead has some interesting visuals and Effects.  The big problem is that it just isn't that interesting.  A couple of key Scenes were apparently cut for time/pacing.  The end result is that some important information is just plain missing, making the confusing Story even more obtuse.  Arrowhead seemed like it was trying hard.  I guess I prefer this kind of failure to the one where people make some crappy Zombie Film for $200 and you're supposed to love it.  It fails while trying to be interesting and complicated.  Good for you- I guess.  Here's a CG bug for no reason...
Solid intentions, but a pretty so-so execution.  I can't fault them for trying, I guess...

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