Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Rare Flix: Japanese Wolfman (aka Wolfguy- Enraged Lycanthrope)

This Wolfman sure isn't as mopey as Lon Chaney Jr!  Today's Film is Wolfguy: Enraged Lycanthrope, a 1975 Action-Horror Film with the man, the myth and the legend Sonny Chiba.  I was looking for a true Film featuring a Universal-style Wolfman, but this is close enough.  The Story isn't at all like the Universal Films in any way, shape or form.  Hell, Chiba never really grows fur.  Alas, no excuse for #FurryChiba.  If you want a more classic Japanese Werewolf, you'll have to watch the Kibakichi Films.  In this Film, Chiba is investigating a series of mysterious and strange deaths.  The solution is...not at all what you might expect.  This Story is a bizarre mish-mash of elements from Action to Rape-Revenge to Supernatural to Gory Horror.  This Film is nothing if it is not unpredictable!  While this is a disappointment as far as me wrapping up my Universal Japan set, it was still quite interesting.  To see how crazy this can be, read on..
In Tokyo, a man is running screaming through the Street.  In an Alley, he is suddenly all slashed up by an unseen figure!
 Our Hero- Chiba- learns that this is one of many recent deaths.  All of the victims- Mobsters.
He goes to work on the case, but his Boss tells him to be careful.  Thanks for shooting it like this...
So here's what happened....

This lady was dating a rich guy's son, but he didn't want her to.  As such, he hired some Mobsters to rape her and gave her Syphilis.  Joy.
Speaking of back stories, our Hero gets his- he's from a Tribe of Werewolves, but all were slaughtered.  Alright then.
Now the extra crazy part: the raped Lady can now summon a Tiger Spirit to kill you if she has rage in her heart against you.  Some evil Businessmen want to use her and our hero.
When he declines, they cut him open.  Don't worry- he can just will his guts back in and his wounds closed.  'Werewolf' Karate Fight!
He escapes back home and meets a woman from his past.  As 'luck' would have it, the bad guys arrive right after Chiba killed some Hunters and is with the woman.

Before our 'victim' can kill him, she's shot by the other woman...who is also shot.
Chiba kills the final bad guys like Toonces- complete with a car rolling down a hill- and throws his gun away.  Alright then.  The End.
Damn crazy.  Damn random.  Damn...fun.  The whole thing is just plain bonkers.  A Werewolf Reporter is investigating murders caused by the angry spirit of a rape victim channeling a tiger.  Words fail me, Gentlemen.  Sonny Chiba is here and he kicks ass.  This Movie has lots of blood.  A Tiger Spirit.  What else do I have to say?  It is available online if you know where to look, so start looking.  Don't make me sic Tony on you...
Next up, I swap Countries, but not the Universal theme.  In this case, we get a Remake from...the Middle East?  Stay tuned...

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