Thursday, June 23, 2016

Almost Heroes: Dillon and Billy (Predator)

The Silver Medal of Films.

In this Segment, we look at people who were *nearly* the Stars/Protagonists of their Films.  Somewhere between Leads and Poor Bastards of Cinema lie these people.

They aren't losers- they just didn't quite get it done.

In the inaugural Edition, let's look at Predator.  Everyone remembers Dutch (and some guy who didn't have time to bleed), but what about Dillon and Billy?

Dillon is Dutch's buddy/black friend.
Billy is the big, scary Indian of the group.
Both of them have bad-ass moments, killing some Soldiers and facing the mysterious, alien threat.

Ultimately, they both die when they try to stop the creature, while Dutch gets the glory (short-term).
To put some salt in the wound, Billy even dies off-camera!
Are they really Heroes?  Of course!

Are they Heroes of Predator though?  Sadly, no.  Arnold doesn't share the glory...unless it is with Hispanic Ladies.

Got any suggestions for Almost Heroes?  Shoot me a line!

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