Friday, January 1, 2016

*My* Top 10 Surprises of the Year

So what happens when a Movie isn't terrible when I expect it to be good, doesn't come with predisposed ideas of quality and just generally comes out of nowhere?

The answer: it ends up here!

10. The Fat Spy: This one was bad, but I didn't expect it to be.  Films of certain Eras tend to blend together if they aren't very inspired.  This one is worse than that.  Not funny, not interesting and made on the super cheap.  Damn- what a shame!
9. Bone Tomahawk: Now here's the flipside- a Western I loved!  The Film feels real, feels visceral and is just all around good.  Based on the Reviews I've seen, this might end up being THE GOOD Western that Kurt Russell made in 2015.

8. The Ouija Experiment: For not being complete crap, this makes the list.  While the actual Film called Ouija was pretty bad (and so forgettable that I didn't bother Reviewing it), this Low-Budget Film of a similar nature (promoted on Netflix) was actually alright.  While it is probably a solid 5-6 (for those who use such a scale), it makes the list since I was expecting it to be a 1-2.
7. Army of Frankensteins: Sure, it isn't great.  That said, the Film features a time-traveling group of Frankenstein's Monsters fighting the Confederacy in the Civil War.  What is not to love?

Even with the crazy Title, I didn't not expect this!

6. Danger 5!: Thank you, Australia.  This crazy Show ended a 2-Season Run last Christmas-time, but left us with so many memories.  Nazi Dinosaurs!  Nazis in Atlantis!  Robot Nazi Hookers!

Oh and this...
5. Ex Machina/Predestination: They didn't disappoint.  I go into most 'Must See' Films expecting to be somewhat disappointed.  Thankfully, I was wrong here.  One Film lived up to the hype, while the other one made a complex story worth the effort to follow.  Good jobs all around.

4. Society: What in the hell is this?!?  This somewhat-rare Film is by the same guy who made a Film about a killer Ghost Nun and two people being pursued by a robot attack dog.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised when he makes a Film that 'reveals' that all rich people are freaky monsters that literally absorb the poor into their bodies for sustenance.  Wait- yes, I still should!!!
3. Dead Snow 2- Red vs Dead: What a turnaround!  Five years after the Original somewhat-unoriginal Film about people killed by Nazi Zombies, the folks behind it made a fun, interesting Film about...well, mostly the same thing.  With better Effects, better Writing and a much-bigger scope, this one totally works as a fun creature-feature.

2. Marvel's Jessica Jones/Daredevil: Two good Shows for 2015.  With another Season of Daredevil in production, Luke Cage in production and Iron Fist in Pre-Production, it is important to remember how they did things right over at Netflix.  Daredevil didn't suck and they made a barely-known character into a memorable one.  Keep it up!

1. The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell: This is one of the oddest things I've ever seen.  It isn't good.  It isn't so bad that it is good.  It is just a serious of Scenes involving a few people doing and saying terrible things.  Why?  I don't know.  When a Film BEGINS with a Rape and Murder of a Nun, things won't end well.
That's all for 2015!  Let's see how this New Year turns out.

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