Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Quick Review: Pixels (2015)

Adam Sandler.  The name alone makes me groan.  Even so, I finally watched this one (via Netflix), so let's see how it turned out...
The World is threatened by a brand new kind of evil...
Even scarier than the Atari port of Pac-Man- a giant, 'real' version!
With this and other threats on the rise, only one person can save us.  It is...ugh...this guy.

Well, that and the no doubt THOUSANDS of people who know how Video Games work.
Can he- along with 2 other 'Gamers,' a Military Expert and the President- save the day?
More importantly, will it be better than the Short Film they copied?  To find out, watch the Film.
Ugh.  Is there really a better description to give?  A once-good Director, a once-reliable Actor (even if I never liked him) and a subject matter that should be fun.  How do all three of these things go wrong?  On top of that, a guy who's been very successful on Broadway (Josh Gad), but pretty much sucked everywhere else.  Yes, he was in Frozen, but did that really succeed due to him?   You also have someone who everyone likes from Game of Thrones.  He's fun, at least...even if he's a poorly-written Character and talks like a Cartoon.  The basic idea is fine, but the Story is full of a million holes.  Why does a Video Game Tournament (a local one at that!) sent with a bunch of other footage make unseen Aliens think that these pixelated characters are our Soldiers?  How do Aliens reacting to 1982 footage respond with clips of Madonna from 1984?  How do they also do it with a 1984 Burger King commercial?  How does any of the fake science here make any sense?  How do we decipher it without 48 hours and make a million new devices that are necessary?  Why did we make our devices to work with the weaknesses of the game too?  There are plenty more, but I think you get the point.  Some good Effects help make it palatable, but it quickly wears thin.  Sandler's Character is just kind of a dick and the whole Movie is misogynistic is a somewhat subtle way.  It is just not good.  Stick with the Futurama segment that they don't bother to credit instead...
Really not that good.  Bad enough to make you all sorts of questions, but not interesting enough to make you care all that much.

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