Monday, January 18, 2016

Holiday DTV Fun: The Man With the Iron Fists 2

Some people watch stuff like Selma on days like this.  Me- I watch Kung-Fu Films Starring a Rapper.  Today's Film is The Man With the Iron Fists 2, a Direct-to-Video Sequel to the Film that I'm still amazed came into existence.  The RZA got to make a Kung-Fu Film and they got Russell Crowe to appear in it?  Get out of here!  Since the happened, I suppose it was a gimme that we'd get a Sequel.  Missing in action (as it were) Crowe and the now-in-demand Batista.  Yes, they did kill him in the last one, but this is a Kung-Fu Film, so could that really have stopped them.  Besides, if both Alias and V (the 80s version) could kill a guy and bring him back as his own relative, why not this one?  Let's be honest: did this need a Sequel?  No, right?  Oh well- it is here now.  This time, RZA is back to bring peace to a land full of War.  Naturally, his solution involves lots of punching and kicking.  Naturally, he makes a big show of being 'about peace' too.  Obvious cliche are obvious.  Is this what Dr. King had in his dream?  To find out, read on...
In the wake of all that happened in the previous Film, RZA is trying to find peace.  Considering all of his enemies, that sure ain't easy!
In a nearby Village, a Warlord controls the resources and thus the Town.  The size of his Harem tells you just how evil he is.

I mean, do you really need more than two?
The Mayor- Shang Tsung!- is not exactly helping the situation, as he seems to be pretty ineffective.
After narrowly-surviving an attack, a wounded RZA ends up there.  He doesn't want to help them fight, since yada yada yada.
One man is also escaping his own violent past- sounds familiar!- and won't make the step to fight, no matter how bleak things get.
Will he stand up and fight?

Obviously, yes.  I mean...was that really more than a rhetorical question?  The End.
 Nothing you'd really dream of.  The Film is honestly not that bad...or good.  It is what it is, really.  RZA is still not a great Actor and the rest of the Cast tends to be overdramatic.  Mind you, Carey Hiroyuki-Tagawa is still awesome.  He's not given a whole lot to do until the Third Act (no SPOILERS) though, so it is kind of a shame.  The Film has a kind of confusing message to results ratio.  RZA seems to really love these kinds of Movies- even getting a Wu Tang Clan Album named after a famous Shaw Film- and that shows.  His goal seems to be to Star in this kind of thing to get some focus for the Asian Cast Members and to get the Film funded.  The problem: the Plot continually makes HIM the focus and he even plays the biggest role in defeating the final Villain.  If this is all about making them look good, why does the spotlight keep going back to him so often?  Regardless, the Film has some good Action, is shot pretty well and will fill your need for a basic, run of the mill Action Film.  Plus, a guy explodes, so that has to count for something.  The Film usually doesn't impress, but it doesn't really disappoint either.  If they could have gotten this guy, maybe things might have been better...
All things considered, it isn't bad.  It just isn't...well, all that interesting or unique.

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