Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Quick Reviews: Absolutely Anything (2015)

After around 4 Decades, this may be the final Monty Python project.  Are they going out in the best way?  Let's see...
One man (Simon Pegg) dreams of fame, fortune and adulation.
In reality, he's kind of a working-class loser who longs after his neighbor (Kate Beckinsale).  Will his fate change?
Way out in space, the Earth is being judged by some all-powerful aliens.  They agree to give one man absolute power to see what he would do.

I sure hope that they don't pick Steven Seagal!
As Pegg tries to learn how his new powers work, there are a few hiccups.  Hilarity ensues.
With his only voice of reason being that of his Dog (voiced by Robin Williams!), I can't imagine that he'll get this worked out right.
With a major hurdle added (in the form of Rob Riggle), all hope seems lost.  Can the man who can do absolutely anything fix this mess?
Good stuff.  Honestly, the Film's biggest problem is just the pedigree of the people involved and the expectations it brings.  All of the living members of Monty Python.  Simon Pegg.  Robin Williams.  This has to be great, right?  Well, it is good.  Were the same Film featuring less-renowned people it would be a different Story.  As it is, Terry Jones returns to Directing after nearly 2 Decades to make a funny, if unspectacular Film.  The Plot is all sorts of crazy, featuring Aliens, animated skeletons, Simon Pegg in funny outfits and a man turned into a sausage.  As far as being wacky goes, it doesn't disappoint.  All of the Monty Python Members are in the Film, although only Jones actually *appears* in the Film.  They are all voicing the Aliens show a few pictures back, which isn't exactly the same as them 'being in the Film' if I'm being honest.  Likewise, Robin Williams' part, while fun, is just a bit of Voice Acting done at some point later.  Oh well.  The Film is full of funny sight gags, wacky moments and all sorts of good stuff.  It does a pretty good amount with the open-ended subject, but not quite as much as it could.  It is funny, but probably won't end up being the Classic that it should be.  Oh well- we got the 'reunion' at least...
Some really good moments, some banal ones and a big bit of expectation to meet.  It was close to it for me, but not quite there.

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