Monday, January 11, 2016

TV on the Internet: Ash vs. Evil Dead- 'Bound in Flesh'

While the Show is over for now in real life, we are only at the semi-Finale Episode here.  Let's see how it goes...
After a big incident (which I won't SPOIL) at the Cabin, there is an issue of trust to be worked out in the group.
Out in the Woods, the Australian Hikers make their way to the Cabin...
They run afoul of some Evil in the Woods.  Sadly, it is not a pack of killer Squirrels.
They meet up with an old acquaintance there and they learn the truth about the Book.  It ain't pretty!
The mystic Talisman from the Shaman has a strange reaction around the Book, leading to even more chaos!
All hell breaks loose as the Episode ends.

I'm not a dick, so this reaction shot is all you get.  The End.
More fun at the Cabin.  The Show continues to hit all of the right notes.  It is funny, dramatic and bloody as hell.  The latest Deadite attack gets really bloody, with some head trauma, leg trauma and just all around blood spray!  The opening has some great moments from Bruce Campbell playing up the fun, snarky side of Ash that we all love.  The new Characters are obviously just chum for the Deadites, but they at least stand out in their short roles.  The make-up work is really stand-out in this Episode, with plenty of freaky stuff to show you.  Finally, we also get a big tease about the true story of what is going on...which will tease you for the final Episode.  Hey- that's my job.  As the Finale approaches, I've learned one lesson: never look suspicious...
Next time, the Season Finale of the Show.  Will Evil win the day or will Ash actually 'man-up' to save us?  See you then.

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