Wednesday, January 13, 2016

R.I.P. Collection (UPDATED)

I don't like doing these because they are so depressing.  I also don't like people thinking that I'm some sort of dick who doesn't acknowledge these people.

So...let's do this...sigh...
I don't cover Music much on the site (despite sharing a name with a Ramones Album).  Even so, I have liked Motorhead alot, so this is obviously a big loss for all of us.

Angus Scrimm
While I've never been a huge Phantasm fan, Scrimm's presence was always hard to ignore.  He was a long-time companion of Don Coscarelli and he'll be missed.

David Margulies
A classic Character Actor, he was all over the place.  You know him as the Mayor from the Ghostbusters Films.  He was great.

Pat Harrington Jr
A long-time Actor, he is most known as the Handyman on One Day At A Time.  He was in all sorts of other things, from voicing John's Dad on a Garfield Christmas Special to voicing 'The Atom' in those 1960's DC Cartoons to even being in The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat.  He will be missed.

Richard Libertini
While not as notable a name as he probably should be, the man worked for Decades and appeared all over the place.  He was the Boss in Fletch.  Good, good Actor.

Alan Rickman
Well, shit.  I didn't expect to update this so quickly.  Yet another awesome guy lost to Cancer.  To older folks, he's the bad guy from Die Hard.  To younger folks, he's Snape.  To me, he's always the Metatron.

David Bowie
What do I need to say here?  I grew up in the 90s and I still loved Bowie.  Everyone loved Bowie.  We always will.

These suck to do.  They really, really do.

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  1. Sucks worse if you do it and have to update it the very next day....