Thursday, January 28, 2016

Quick Reviews: Incident On and Off A Mountain Road (MoH)

Well, it took 10 years and the death of one of the Actors to finally get me to see this one.  It is yet another tale from...
In this tale from the Director of Phantasm, a woman runs across some evil and only some darkness from her past can keep her alive.
While driving at night, a woman runs into a mysteriously-vacant car.  A dark stranger appears carrying her body!
In some important flashbacks, we see how she ended up dating- and later marrying- this psycho.
In the present, she is now being hunted.  She uses survival skills and trap-making that he taught her to try and survive.
She ends up in the clutches of the killer- Moonface- and runs across this weird old dude- the now-late Angus Scrimm- he also keeps captive.
After an intense struggle, she manages to kill Moonface by making him fall out his cliff-side window.
In the aftermath, we learn that she was assaulted by her crazy Husband when she told him she was leaving.  She put his training to good use as she manages to kill him.

She leaves his body at Moonface's Farm and drives off into the sunset.  The End.
Not exactly full of uplifting morals.  Incident is a dark Tale that plays well with action in the present and Flashbacks.  The Story is pretty simple- crazed killer targets woman- but they only use this as a format to play with.  The woman is much more dangerous than he initially gives her credit for.  Even when Moonface adjusts for her skills, she still manages to escape his clutches and fight him.  What part of Survival Training involves teaching you to use a dead baby's skeleton as a flail?  The Flashbacks are used well to show the progression of her training and relationship with her husband.  Is it a cheat to only show the Flashback of her killing him last?  Of course it is.  Regardless, the whole thing works well.  Another thing it does well is showing you enough gore to be effective, but not so much as to make it like one of those Saw Films.  The most gory-seeming scene- involving a drill and a person's face- is well done.  How?  You don't see the drill go in.  You see it approach, see something else entirely and then see a drill covered in a blood-like substance in close-up.  You know what happened, but you don't see any of it.  Good on you, Coscarelli.  All in all, Incident is an intense watch, but a good one.  If you like the dark, seedier stuff, check this one out.  If you don't like it, complain to someone other than her...
Dark, twisted stuff.  Even so, it is a good effort from Coscarelli and company.

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