Sunday, July 20, 2014

Conveniently-Retitled Cover Art: An Unholy Exorcism- The Devil Inside

Did you make a movie that nobody really gave a shit about?  Did a well-hyped, but ultimately-failed film come out that got alot more attention than your's?  

If so, here's a fun game to play (on DVD buyers)...
So many things to talk about here.

1. The film was actually made in 2008.
2. It was actually called this...
But wait..I'm not done...

3. The girl in their film is a blond.
4. Nothing quite like the Box Art actually happens.  Here's how it looks (from their 2007 Trailer)...
5. The film Stars the Writer/Director and a notable Soap Opera Actor named Matthew Ashford.
6. Ashford has been announced to Star in 'Untitled 3-D Christian Horror' in 2015.

So if your movie doesn't sell, just wait about four years and slap a new title on it.  It worked for David Heavener, after all.

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