Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Embodiment of Evil

I was on the fence about this one, but I considered the Scenes again and said 'This has to be done!'

In Embodiment of Evil/The Devil, these two Aunts are very religious and protective of their Niece.
 As it turns out, Coffin Joe wants to 'bone' the young(ish) lady and get a male heir to carry on his line.
Since he's a douchebag and an Atheist, they're not on-board.  So, he has a simple solution...
He kills them and props the bodies up for when the niece arrives.
Now here's why these ladies really qualify...

After he shows off the bodies, he asks her what she is going to do next.  Her answer...
Yeah, she decides that she wants to bone him and have his child now.  The bodies are literally still warm...and hanging above you right now.
Cold.  Just cold.

All of their work is for naught and they are dead.  Sure puts all of the dirtbags that any Nieces/Nephews of yours have dated/had a baby with.  At least they weren't 73 year-old Atheists with super-long fingernails that like to kill people.

Well, I hope they weren't, at least.

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