Thursday, July 31, 2014

(Mostly) Immediate Response: Sharknado 2

I needed some time to process this thing properly.  Given how ridiculous it is, I'm sure that you understand.

Last night brought us the debut of Sharknado 2: The Second One.  With the original fresh in my mind (thanks to Rifftrax), I was ready.

Look- If I didn't watch this, I'd have to turn in my Internet Relevancy Card.  I'm not always proud of what I *have* to do to keep that thing...
The Good
* It is ridiculous and over-the-top.
* For better or worse, it embraces its ridiculous nature.
* As silly as it is, the variety of Sharks is a nice addition.  They all act the same, but it is a visual bonus.
* Random Kurt Angle (which TNA did not promote)!
* To The Asylum's credit, they got alot of people to agree to be in the film that would never have a year ago.  Having said that...

The Bad
* The 'Stars' they got include Kelly Osborne, Wil Wheaton, Perez Hilton, Jared from 'Subway,' Biz Markie I need to continue?
* Incidentally, all of the 'celebrities' die in the same, lazy effect.  Disappointing.
* What was with that random accent, Kurt?  Weird.
* Logic has gone out the window.  That can be funny, but two hours of it is kind of tiring.
* I'm pretty sure that watching this would give Neil Degrasse Tyson an Aneurysm.  Don't fall into their trap, Mr. Tyson!
* Lastly, can we agree that Matt Lauer, Kelly Ripa & Michael Straihan should never be asked to act again?

Is it good?  No.  Was it trying to be good?  No.  Is that something that we should applaud?  That's for society to decide.

As for me, this was...ridiculous.  If you go into it seeking only to laugh, you can enjoy it.  If you look for the closest resemblance to a good movie, you will be sorely-disappointed.  Remember this: just because you make a 'Jump the Shark' joke doesn't mean that you didn't actually do the deed.

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