Monday, October 21, 2013

WTF Korea?!?: Herapurple- Devil Goddess

You just know that this is bad, right?  For newer readers/the uninformed, here's a quick lesson: don't trust a movie with a flashy/silly title.  With rare exceptions, the more ridiculous the title is (Over-sexed Rug Suckers From Mars, Weasels Rip My Flesh), the worse the movie is.  In contrast, some films with really-mundane titles (Versus, Waxwork) are quite over-the-top and awesome.  It's not a 100% accurate rule, mind you, but it's a good one to consider when you rent/buy something.  I learned the hard way.  Isn't that right, Jaws in Japan?  That brings us to today's film: Herapurple- Devil Goddess.  Yeah, this one sucks.  I kind of knew it would, but I really just *had* to see it.  Damn you, me!  So what could this possibly be about?  Well, I don't want to SPOIL it just yet.  Besides, you may not keep reading when you find out what the reveal is.  The short version: a mysterious batch of murders are all connected to a woman.  Will her Psychiatrist figure out why?  Will it make any sense?  Will justice be done?  To find out, you'll just have to read on...
This film's framing device is a bit convoluted.  I'd say it's complex, but I save that description for stuff like Inception.

Basically, this guy puts his patient 'in the hypnotic state' and she starts to explain how she loses control and kills men.  This happens a lot, but only after...
 A long, drawn-out sex scene.  There are more of them than in the Pirates movie, which, you know, was actually a Porn Film (just cut down to an R-Rating.

Seriously, there are A LOT of them!
Besides the sex scenes and the bits with the Therapist, you also have the Police investigating the murders.  Gee, I wonder who did it?  Was it the lady who you just showed doing it?

The only reason for these scenes is to pad things out.  Well, that and for this guy to act creepy...
Did I mention that there were A LOT of sex scenes?  Well, there are.

There are so many, in fact, that they actually kind of/sort of make a joke about it.  The husband of our heroine is actually a Porn Director, which they use an excuse to show the scene below.  Clever?
Okay, so here's the big reveal that I've been holding out.  In a bizarre set-up, some off-screen American tells the Korean Police who the culprit is.  I'll set this caption tell you.
So yeah, that's what this movie is about.  Let's look to a man of the cloth to give some insight..., thanks.  So yeah, we continue to get random sex scenes, which lead to random kill scenes and some random investigation scenes.  You have to wait a while before the things actually join up.

Oh and it's worth mentioning that one of the things that our heroine 'remembers' is a random scene featuring her Daughter (which she's not around for).  What?  Why?  Huh?
So the framing device comes full-circle as the Therapist tries to just kill the woman.  Is there no 'First do no harm' oath for this profession?

This, naturally, ends up with a sex scene and him dying with a silly look on his face.  It's less 'I'm dying' and more 'This fish smells like it spoiled.'
The woman is eventually killed, but the curse passed onto her daughter...somehow.  Given that she became a vessel for *sigh* Hera due to being raped as a girl, I'm a bit confused.

Given the film so far, I'm not going to bother trying to ask.  It does give me an idea for Spoiler Theatre though.  Hmm...The End.
Words fail me, gentlemen.  Seriously, what can I say here?  The spirit of *ugh* Hera possesses a woman in Korea to kill men who did nothing to her.  Why?  It's because she was raped when she was a teenager.  To exact her 'revenge,' the woman turns into different women (allowing for different 'Stars' in the sex scenes), makes the men have sex with her and then kills them.  Clearly the only way that you could have done it!  The whole thing is just bizarre and I honestly don't get it.  Was the film a vessel for all of the sex scenes?  Was it a horror film that could have only sold with the sex scenes?  This is especially confounding is that I don'think of Korea as a Country that makes this kind of exploitation.  Italy?  Yeah.  France?  Sure.  Spain?  Most definitely.  As a Horror Film, it fails.  It is just not a scary film.  As an Erotic Film, it fails.  The murder and sheer randomness kills any arousal (as it were).  The only way to recommend the film is as a surreal Comedy a la Troll 2.  Thankfully, I watched the film in its native language with Subtitles, since, according to the Netflix User Reviews, the film's dubbing was made by people from India.  If you want a film to show at a gathering/party that you can say 'You have not seen this movie before,' it really qualifies.  If you want a good movie, look elsewhere.  This is the only film I know of to dare to 'blame the non-victim' though...
Next up, an Indy Horror Film making all of the rounds.  Those darn Nazis are up to something freaky, so let's find out what!  Stay tuned...

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