Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lost in Translation: Night of the Living Dead (Part 5)

It's Halloween!  In honor of that day, here's all of the Night of the Living Dead Cover Art that I didn't use...

First up, a weird-looking foreign one for the 1990 Remake (hence why it was excluded)...

Next up, the official Box Art being used in lazy re-releases of Night of the Living Dead.  It's...something.
Two points for trying, but this one has you beat....
Silly- yes.  Somewhat misleading- yeah.  Featuring no shots of the movie- you bet!

Lastly, we have to close with some implied nudity among the Zombies...
So the world is blue, skeletons rise from the dead too and this lady stepped into a small batch of fog.  Right.

To be fair, this is a naked Zombie Lady in Night.  That's not her though- just for the record.

Enjoy your Halloween and remember that is only one version of 1968's Night of the Living Dead...even if there are about 600 different Covers for it.

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