Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Slaughter High

It's been a bit since one of these.  Leave it to an '80s Horror Film to provide me the fodder.

In Slaughter High, a 'Reunion' is actually a trap set by a crazed killer.  In the School, they run across this Janitor.

To complete the cliche, note his race.  :-)
He runs across the gang, but doesn't kick them out or anything.  That would just be silly.
Big shock- he's attacked by the killer.  I do like his freaky outfit, even if it is pointless in the long run.
Apparently his skull is made of Cotton Candy and he can be casually-shoved into a coat hanger that pierces his brain.  Good to know.
Oh and bonus points for his body being nailed up for display post mortem.  At least he wasn't locked in an animal cage like in that alien movie.
Here's the catch though: none of this really happened.  I'm counting it as an induction since it seems to be real until the 'Why The Hell Not?!?' Plot Twist.  The real Poor Bastards are the Nurse and Doctor.

Hmm...I wonder if I should...
We'll see.

See you next time.

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