Thursday, March 22, 2012

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Into the Sun

How did I forget about this one?  I just kind of let this one slip by, so...let's do this!

Into the Sun features Steven Seagal working in Japan to crack a conspiracy.  He helps a random waitress with a guy hitting on her, so she follows him around trying to help.  A few days later, she goes home...
To find her sister there...dead.
'Oh no, she was my sister!'  Then she fell asleep.
Let's analyze this for a moment.  The Yakuza, Triad and Golden Pyramid form a union to control crime in Asia.  They kill one random guy as a distraction- which actually brings in all of the attention- and, as part of this, kill the sister of this lady who was marginally-connected to him.

No wonder you lost!

Oh yeah, poor lady.  She was even less related to the plot than her sister!

Next up, a Janitor cleans up a Prison.  That seems like a good reason to straight up murder his ass!  Stay tuned...

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