Friday, March 9, 2012

Kevin Sorbo Week: Walking Tall- Lone Justice

At last, something more interesting!  As the second Walking Tall film, they upped the ante and did a little more.  Mind you, I watched this as what I thought was the first film, but whatever.  Seriously, the only continuity to catch/care about is the father being dead and Sorbo being with the Federal Agent.  Even the last part is a little hard to follow, as she helps him at the end of The Payback (a little) and they're just dating here.  Did I miss Walking Tall: The Mid-Quel or something?  I suppose it doesn't matter too much, but it does feel odd for people like me who actually watch both films.  Did you not intend for people to watch both?  This movie's plot involves Sorbo moving to the city, not that it matters.  About half of the film still takes place out in the country, so what was the point of that?  There's a definite upgrade in villains this time around, so I may actually care a bit more.  Fun Fact: both Walking Tall films credit the Actress playing the Daughter as 'Introducing...'  How can you both be doing that?!?  To find out if this film raises the series above Direct-to-DVD mediocrity, read on...
In an odd scene, our hero tries to stop a robbery at a Kwik-E-Mart (not really), but injures the owner in the process.  After the last image of him shooting the bad guy with a shotgun, this sudden comedy feels out of place...
Meanwhile, the head of a local Drug Cartel is killing off witnesses before his trial.  Given how his hitmen are clearly on film somewhere at the scene, why does nobody know that he did it?
A Safe House (are they ever safe?) holding more witnesses is attacked.  Among the victims, Sorbo's lady.  She lives, but they fake her death.

Fun Fact: the bad guy stalks the funeral, just like the guy in the last film did.  Lazy writing, much?
Eventually, the bad guy figures out what is going on.  Sorbo takes out the thugs, allowing the comatose woman to be taken to the Ranch.  Nice Hospital Staff back there.  Don't help or anything!!!
Now aligned with some other Agents, Sorbo and company meet up with the other survivor of the Safe House the middle of a field.  Gee, this isn't suspicious!
Obviously, it's a trap.  Sorbo and the other Agent are taken to the Cartel's base- which is also the Truck Yard from The Payback- and tortured.  The other Agent gets her thumbs cut off before our heroes can escape.
The battle goes back to the Ranch- big surprise.  It's time for Sorbo, some random Deputies and his lady to kick some ass!
The death of the main villain is actually given to our heroine- go figure.  It's a bit of anti-climax, I suppose.  Feminism?
The final, final battle takes place in the Woods.  Sorbo uses his Chekhov's Horse to catch up to...the snitch from earlier.  No, really.  He shoots him and everyone lives happily ever after.  Well, except for the now-thumbless agent and all of those dead people.  The End. 
It's better...a bit.  This movie does have better action, a better plot and more interesting characters.  I can't say that I cared all that much for the family sub-plot, no matter how hard they pushed it.  Sorbo's never been a 'bad actor' or anything, but I don't think of him for roles like this.  It might be because of I think of him as 'that guy who played Hercules,' but that can't be the only reason.  I give him all of the credit in the world for trying to do stuff like this, even if I don't really care all that much.  The villains are definitely better here, although I can certainly nitpick about some things.  For the opening hit and all of the later ones, the Boss uses the same guy.  Even if you can't see him killing the people, this same guy shows up at the Hotel where one witness is killed and the Hospital where another is nearly attacked.  How are you so inept at this?  On top of that, his henchmen just, well, looks like the hitman for a Mexican Drug Cartel.  Just look at the guy yourself and you'll see what I mean.  I won't say that this movie is bad, not at all.  It's a bit more interesting and polished than The Payback, giving more characters stuff to actually do.  I recommend this more than I do the previous film, for sure.  If you're not into this kind of film though, this won't do anything to really change your mind.  Take us away, drawing of someone else's kids on the refrigerator...
Next up, a Sorbo film that sounds like a movie I've already seen.  Can it truly be Kevin Sorbo in Robowar 2? Stay tuned...

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