Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Help A Guy Out: Movies I Need to Find

With the hundreds of films that have been covered here at Mondo Bizarro, there are always more that I want to see.  For one reason or another, they are not available on Netflix or any other convenient source.

At times, I get lucky and find stuff like Amityville 4 or the Howling V/VI combo-pack.  Even so, these films elude me...

* Ghoulies III
* The Amityville Curse (aka Amityville 5)
* Howling VII
* Leprechaun Back 2 Tha Hood
* House IV
* Embodiment of Evil
* Evil: In the Time of Heroes
* I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle
* Willard (original) & Ben
* Wax Mask
* Vampirella
* Nostradamus (2000)
* The Guinea Pig series

Anyone know a good place to get these that doesn't involve international shipping, $40 price tags and/or streaming from a disreputable Russian page?

If so, hit me back.  Thanks in advance.

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