Saturday, March 3, 2012

DVD For The Win: Psycho Kickboxer

Let's try out something new, shall we?  Otherwise I have no pretense to show this...

This DVD box art is for a film I really want to find.  I'd trade Jaws in Japan for a shot at seeing this any day of the week...
Off with his head!  The sheer awesomeness of this image, plus the appeal of Shock-O-Rama, makes me want to see this!  Plus, Canvas of Blood (whatever that is).

If anyone has seen this or knows where to get it, let me know.

***UPDATE: I have.  It sucks.***


  1. I saw this movie, specifically seeking it out for the same reasons you note. Not nearly as funny-bad as it looks, mostly just a bunch of lame amateur action shit filmed in & around some crappy suburb passing for a "big city". Hard to sit through. The cover is the best part.

  2. Haha, looks absolutely kick-ass... um, kick-head ;)