Wednesday, March 14, 2012

'Deep Blue Sea' Moments: Far Cry

Far Cry sucked.  There are many reasons that it sucks.  It did give me one thing that I haven't done in a while...

In the cold open, a bunch of soldiers are attacked by an unseen creature.  Despite this P.O.V. shot, they can't see it.  Already failing, Boll!
After wasting about 400 bullets on nothing, the man in the mounted gun decides to taunt the monster that can flip a truck and is seemingly invincible.  This leads to...
Him being yanked into the truck and his off-screen death.  So much for you, Random Soldier #5!
I suppose you're asking how the monster got into the truck in the first place without them noticing.  That's...a good question, actually.  No matter how much I yelled at the screen, I got no answer to my query.

If you want to see more Deep Blue Sea Moments, send me suggestions for them and I'll give them a look.

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