Thursday, March 1, 2012

Poor Bastards of Cinema: 976 Evil (Part 2)

After the random, pointless death from Part 1, why not have some more?

The random gang stolen from Evilspeak has a lady join them in time for the Third Act.  She's the life of the party...
...and wears a bandana as a top.  That's...special.  Why is she here though?
Well, our villain shows up and kills everyone.  She doesn't actually do anything.  Even so, she gets traumatized!
Does she die?  The movie doesn't really say.  She's on the roof and it's on fire...but there's no telling if she is.

Even if she does survive, imagine all of the therapy bills for that!!!

Next up, a cop learns that doing your job is just bad for your health.  Mind the head-ache.  Stay tuned...

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