Friday, May 6, 2016

What's the Best Film?!?: Forgotten Marvel Properties

Who wants to see such greats as Captain America, Iron Man, Vision and...Falcon fight?  That's nothing compared to this match-up!

Who will win in this battle- Howard the Duck vs Ghost Rider vs Man-Thing?!?
The Drama here is so palpable that I had to say the word 'palpable.'  Let's see how this plays out...
The Lead
This is certainly going to be the weirdest match-up, right?

In one corner, we have Howard the Duck, a lecherous loser.  In another corner, we have an ash-covered Nic Cage screaming and burning.  In the final corner, a plant Monster with a vengeance.  Speaking of vengeance, this one is an easy choice...
The Winner: Ghost Rider- Spirit of Vengeance
The Villain
Another strange match-up.  Let's get to it...
Howard features an evil Alien creature from beyond that isn't quite Lovecraftian.  Ghost Rider features Satan and...a D-List Spider-Man Villain- weird.  Man-Thing features...well, Man-Thing.  Yeah, he's the Villain in his own Film...sort of.  Since both options feature Special Effects in place of people and Ciaran Hinds is great, I'm going with...
The Winner: Ghost Rider- Spirit of Vengeance
The Supporting Players
This is going to be a tricky one.  So Howard features a young Lea Thompson- points for them.  Ghost Rider features Idris Elba- points for them too.  Man-Thing features...these two guys- less points for them.  I'm going with...
The Winner: Howard the Duck
The Story
In Howard, the titular Hero gets zapped to our Dimension and must find his way back.  In Ghost Rider, our titular Hero gets put on a quest to save the World and find his redemption.  In Man-Thing, the titular Hero must battle bad guys polluting his land/body.  Tough call...
The Winner: Man-Thing
The Big Action Scene
One last weird match-up...
In Howard, the big bad finally reveals himself (as seen a few pics back) and must be stopped in the Observatory.  In Ghost Rider, our Hero fights some henchman on the road and shows off some chain skills.  In Man-Thing, our Hero/Villain kills some guys in the Swamp.  Considering that only one of these was shot by Neveldine/Taylor, I'm going with...
The Winner: Ghost Rider- Spirit of Vengeance

With a final total of 3 to 1 to 1, the clear winner here is Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.  Much like Punisher: War Zone, this one went of the crazy and came out ahead.  Is it great?  Probably not.  Is it so bat-shit insane that people like me have to love it, hell yes!
Take a bow, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance- you're the champion...of three Marvel Films that aren't talked about...even though you were only made a few years ago.

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  1. But what if you include the *first* Ghost Rider film?