Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Immediate Response: Captain America- Civil War

Well, I finally got to see it.  I can now talk to people online again without fear...
The Good
- Captain America is pitch perfect here.  He's great and consistent- plus real kick-ass.
- Iron Man is presented fairly here, in stark contrast (no pun intended) to his comic book counterpart.
- All of the Avengers- including Falcon, Hawkeye and Ant-Man- get time to shine.  That Scene at the Airport is great!
- Black Panther is set up nicely for his future Film and latter involvement.
- Spider-Man is actually done right!
- The Story draws well from the past and builds towards the future.  I'm always left looking forward to what come next with these Films.
- In the midst of the dark stuff, they still work in some humor.  That balance is key.
- The Jim Rash Cameo.

The Bad
- It is really long and alot goes on.  It can be a bit much if you aren't on the MCU bandwagon.
- Not a real complaint, but I was hoping for a slight movement forward on the Infinity Stone Story.
- Am I the only one who's not clear if the General Ross appearance means that Incredible Hulk is now officially-canon?  They don't mention the Hulk connection and he's now the Secretary of State, so...

All in all, a really good Film.  If you like the MCU, this does a great job of fleshing out, while also giving you great Character Moments, Action, Humor and Drama.

Who would've thought that 2 guys who used to Direct Episodes of Community would be making Films like this?  Keep it up.

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