Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Quick Reviews: Lake Eerie (2016)

Going into these blind is interesting, since I don't always get what I expect.  Case in point, this Film that is NOT about Fishing...
In the Cold Open, some mysterious guy falls into a Coma.  How does this relate to the Story of a woman moving into a lakeside House?
She's there alone- for reasons- and her Dad (Henriksen) is worried.  He's worried enough to later show up for one more Scene!

Given the low-budget nature of this Film, I'm just going to assume that he's actually just in the Guest Bedroom of the House they shot in.  Prove me wrong, Internet!
She discovers that the House's previous Owner was an Egyptologist and died while in a coma 40+ years ago & that the House has been left empty ever since.

How bad is the land that it has been empty that long?  Damn!
She starts to have weird dreams- what are you, Batman V Superman?!?- that are mostly-scary.  Not all though...
Will the trauma from our Heroine's past prove to be important or just a pointless Subplot?
Will she solve the mystery of the House and, more importantly, will she survive?  To find out, watch the Film.  The End.
A slow burn Film for sure.  Is it worth waiting for though?  The Story is pretty simple at first, but quickly gets wrapped up with itself.  So much of the Story is just explained to you via Narration or the clumsiest exposition I've seen in a while.  Why let us know naturally about this mystery man organically when you can just read his backstory verbatim like you pulled up Wikipedia?  I get it- the focus is on the woman in the Lead Role.  Even so, she really plays second fiddle (to keep my idiom count rising) to the reveal of the Story.  Her motivation- um...be alone in the House...except when she doesn't want to.  Her sad backstory doesn't add much here (as joked about above) and is a bit cliche.  It doesn't really drag the Film down though, so all is well.  The jump scares and dreams are pretty interesting, but the Pacing is a bit off.  Like the worst of those Found Footage Films, the ratio is like 5 minutes meandering to 1 minute of interesting footage.  That's not to say that the Film doesn't have some good visuals (see above) and some neat things going on.  It just isn't quite the Film that it thinks it is.  All things considering, it is better than I expected...but only because I gave it the time to build up.  It also lets you know that 'Yes, the Girlfriend from Clerks is still making Films in 2016 and is apparently worthy of a "Special Appearance" Credit'...
Slow going and a bit dull at times, the Film eventually builds to be something interesting.  It's just not as interesting as the Story they are simply *telling* us actually i.

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