Thursday, May 19, 2016

Lock Me Up!: Night of the Wild (2015)

We meet again, 'old friend.'  The last time I reviewed an Asylum Film was back in October.  That has to be the longest break I've had with them and their Films.  Sad or impressive- you decide!  Today's Film is Night of the Wild, a lovely little tale of killer dogs, Meteors and the guy from Northern Exposure.  I guess he didn't save his Numb3rs money enough, so here he is in this Film.  On the plus side, no Sarah Lieving.  Don't worry- there's a Repeat Offender here all the same.  This is a rare one where I can't exactly point out the Film that they are ripping off.  It is kind of like Zoo, although they have that rip-off covered elsewhere.  It is still isn't all that good, so don't get your hopes up.  The Film tells the tale of killer dogs and...that's pretty much it.  Somehow the same kind of thing that jump starts Thundarr the Barbarian and makes Vandal Savage immortal only effects dogs- go figure.  Since this one is from 2015, the Review will be light on SPOILERS.  To find out if this Film's bark is worse than its Plot, read on...
One night, a bunch of space rocks fly to Earth and all crash in one small Town.  This is how The Falling started too, I think.
As the next day goes on, the local Dogs start to act more violent.  Want to explain this at all, Movie?
The rocks are conveniently spread out upon the whole area, since that's how that usually works.
Here's our Repeat Offender: Dylan Vox.  He does more Asylum Films these days than Gay Porn (not that there's anything wrong with that), so...yeah for me.
Here's the key thing to understand about this Film- it revels in 'punishing' its Characters.  If you act remotely-bad, you are viciously-killed by the Dogs.  They get ripped apart in bloody fashion!
That kid is hiding in a Dog's cage to escape the Dogs.  The irony is so palpable.  I totally get the irony.
Here's something fun- they totally aren't using a fog machine here.  Fog naturally shoots out in strong, intermittent bursts from just off-camera.  Yes, even when it isn't in a Film.
The final outrage- day for night.  This is 2015, guys!
Will our heroes escape?  Will anyone not be viciously torn apart to by Dogs?  To find out, watch the Film.
Woof.  This one is not good.  I wanted to like a Film with such a silly premise.  I mean, just think about it.  A bunch of meteorites land in a Town and make the Dogs go crazy.  That can't go wrong, right?  Wrong.  The Acting is all over the map, using ranging from understated to over-the-top.  The CG is, well, it is The Asylum.  To be fair, they use real Dogs more than CG ones by far.  Some Dog Trainer probably made a pretty penny on this one.  My big problems are two-fold.  First, the Film is pretty repetitive.  There are only so many ways to show people attacked by Dogs.  They use them all up in the first thirty-five minutes.  After that, it is more of the same- over and over again.  Second, the Film revels in violent, brutal killings.  The tone of this thing is just so damn bleak!  There is no respite from the violent killings and assaults here.  It isn't quite on the level of 2000s' Torture Porn, but is pretty close.  It is just excessive and unpleasant.  That's the whole Film in a nutshell, really.  I didn't like it all that much.  Hey- don't look at me like that!
Next up, an Asylum Film so silly that I have to cover it.  Will it be funny or disappointing?  To find out, stay tuned...

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