Friday, May 20, 2016

'Black' History Year: Black Mirror- Be Right Back

With Agent Carter officially-cancelled, we can now properly begin the grieving process.  Let's skip right to 'Moving On' by looking back- a sentence that may make you have a stroke.  My apologies.

After a long absence, I finally feel up to covering the last 3 (of 7) Black Mirror Episodes.  Who knows if we'll get any more of them, so I'm not going to waste them.
In Be Right Back, we meet a young couple (Domhnall Gleason, Hayley Atwell).  All seems well for this hipster duo...
...until he dies.

On the plus side, he'll go on to be in 10,000,000 Films in the next few years.
As she struggles to move forward, a friend signs her up for a strange program.  Basically, a Computer Simulation studies all of a dead person's texts/tweets/Facebook posts and simulates them in a Chat Window.

Creepy or cute- you decide!
This proves to be a great tool (maybe) to help her, but isn't quite enough.  Where does it go from here?
The answer- giving all of the available voice recordings of the deceased to replicate speech via the phone!
The unhappy woman is given a chance to take it to yet another level.  What is it?

Well, no SPOILERS.  Go see this Show already!
Damn good stuff.  No offense to everyone else here (who all do good jobs too), but this is all about Ms. Atwell.  She has the lion's share of the Scenes here and she absolutely nails it.  She makes you feel for this Character, which is an absolute necessity.  This is a Drama first and Sci-Fi second, with the latter informing the former.  It totally works.  The Episode builds and builds nicely, letting you never quite relax.  Given how much work Gleason is getting these days (Ex Machina and Star Wars: The Force Awakens), it will be interesting to see if this one gets more famous as time goes by.  This is a really intense Episode and I mean that in all of the best ways.  Let's see what the Show has coming next...
Next time, my introduction to the Show way back when.  Will it be a killer Episode?  See you then... 

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