Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Species IV- The Awakening

Let's start off the year by finishing up things left behind in the last one.

Species IV is a weirdly-bad movie.  There's a ton of death and gore about ten minutes in and then nothing for a long time.  About that first bit...

Basically, our heroine is an alien-human hybrid who's cells are breaking down.  When she collapses, she's taken to a Hospital, it turns out to be worse for the Staff.  Ouch.
 That's not good.
So much for that Internship!
Her day probably didn't go the way she planned.  I hope not... a lot of blood.  You may want to see a...oh, right.
In summary, all of these people are killed (many off-camera) for no reason.  The only purpose is to show that the alien kills people.

Note to future Directors/Writers: when you are four films into a 'killer alien' franchise, we know that there is a killer alien.  Get it?  Got it?  Good.

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