Friday, January 24, 2014

Fake-o Documentary-o: Mondo Freudo

Strippers.  Exotic Dancers.  Ladies of the night.  This is their movie.  Today's film is Mondo Freudo, a film whose title makes later sense.  'Freudo' is not a word.  Mondo Bizarro sounds weird, but does actually translate (roughly) into 'Weird World.'  Using that logic, the film's title translates to 'Freud World.'  Yeah, that's not a thing.  According to Google, Freudo-Marxism is a thing.  It's a deep and complex study about Sociology, so it has nothing to do with this film.  Released the same year as Bizarro, this film feels almost like its weird leftovers.  I'm actually a bit surprised that the shitty globe doesn't reappear here.  The premise of the film: people are really weird.  Yeah, that's about it.  To find out why this film is practically-considered to be an Extra on the Disc as opposed to a companion film, read on...
The film begins with a Crew Member- actually Director Lee Frost- setting up a camera near a beach.  This is followed by B-Roll of people who clearly didn't sign Releases.

After that, we see the beach at night.  Why you'd frolic on a beach where cameras have been set-up all day is anyone's guess.  The pay-off: sex on the beach (in red vision).
Strippers exist in Los Angeles!  Scandalous.

Oh and for some reason parts of the film are in black and white.  No, they don't explain this.
More Strippers- now in Color.  Joy.
...and we're back to black-and-white.  This time we get something really scandalous: lesbian escorts!

At least, that's what they tell us.  If you think that ANYTHING is going to happen in this film, you are sorely-mistaken.  Sorry, Freud(o).
We get more scandalous with alleged footage of some Cultists doing a ceremony with a lady (with implants), hypnosis and red paint...I mean, blood.  It sure was nice of those people to let you film this.

Of course, they didn't let you film them taking her virginity...because this lady with the implants is pure as white snow.
We get some real Foreign action as we see Japanese Fetish Models doing a show.  In 1966, this may have raised some eyebrows.  Today...we have the Internet.
There is no big climax here.  Well, okay, there is mud wrestling, but...yeah.  Instead, let's close the film with some place who's name had to be removed from the Credits.  I'd love to know that story.  The End.
For crying out loud, do you have a message?  I mean, really now!  Mondo Bizarro wasn't much better, but they at least...okay, that was a bad example.  Mondo Cane had a message about how strange the World that you don't know is.  Good-Bye, Uncle Tom (aka Addio Zio Tom) had a message about how Slavery was bad (as if that wasn't obvious).  Brutes & Savages is about how one White guy can apparently survive the dangers of the Wild (of California).  None of the films are honest at all.  This film is no exception.  At least Mondo Bizarro the website is completely-honest (except when it makes fake movie posters).  The big difference here is that this film is 90% footage of Strippers/Exotic Dancers/Performers.  Mondo Strip Clubo would be more honest.  I would like to recommend this film.  However, it has much less to talk about than the film that it is bundled with.  That film is stupid, but is so hilariously-fake that I kind of love/hate it.  This film has no point, other than to establish that breasts exist.  By the way, breasts exist.  Take us away, angry kid in the B-Roll (who didn't sign a release either)...
Next up, a film from Cuba.  I'm all about firsts here, so let's take a bite.  Stay tuned...

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