Sunday, January 5, 2014

Demonic Comedy: Hell Baby

Hell is other Horror Comedies.  Anyone who reads my Blog knows that I have a love/hate relationship with Horror Comedies.  There are ones that I like- e.c. Trollhunter- while there are others that just leave me cold- e.c. Severance.  Leave it to the men behind Viva Variety, Reno 911 and Balls of Fury to renew my hope that it can be done.  Hell Baby is the tale of a young(ish) couple who rent a house with a dark, dark history.  Faster than you can say 'Don't flip this house,' all sorts of shit starts to go down and it seems that the wife is possessed by a demon.  Can they solve the problem?  Will the arriving Priests have what it takes to 'make this house clean?'  Will the two worst Cops in history (besides the guy in Sleepaway Camp) help out?  To find out (without SPOILERS), read on...
A couple- Rob Corddry and Leslie Bibb- move into a house in New Orleans.  It has a dark history, however, as many murders have happened and it has been nicknamed 'The House of Blood.'
When word of the house gets out, two Priests- the Writers/Directors Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon- are sent in.  They are experts, even if their last partner was killed by an umbrella (which they share in great, amusing detail).
The wife- Vanessa- appears to be possessed by an evil spirit.  What are the signs, you ask?

1. Licking her own blood.
2. Smoking while 8.999 months pregnant.
3. Drinking while 8.999 months pregnant.
4. Drinking Paint Thinner know, a person.
Poor Rob has a freaky experience while lying in bed that I wouldn't dare SPOIL.  Nor will I tell you what happens or why this (intentionally) makes no sense.
It is always great to see Michael Ian Black in things.  He's not in this one long, but, well, he makes an impact (even if it is on a wall).
The Priests arrive in town and investigate the goings on.  They are aided by two Cops (Robe Huebel and Paul Scheer).  Well, aided in eating Po Boys at least.
Vanessa is still possessed and she's about to burst.  I'm sure that this will end well.
The Priests get a mysterious omen (not capitalized) before they enter the house.  That won't stop them, of course.
The Cast is all assembled for the big Finale.  Will they stop the Devil?  Will this get super-ridiculous?  To find out, watch the movie.  The End.
It may be uneven, but I loved it.  Some jokes are not that great, while others are truly great.  That's just the nature of Comedies like this.  They throw alot of weird jokes at you in rapid succession and you decide what sticks.  What makes me laugh may not work for you and vice versa.  There are some jokes that work due to their longevity.  For example, there's a bit where a Cable Installer drives away from the house at about 2 MPH while pushing a knocked-over Trash Can in front of him (since he is super-high on Pot).  On paper, this just seems dumb.  It may be, but they make it work.  There are also some more overt sight gags like the reveal of the house's intruder or the way their neighbor likes to show up whenever he feels like it.  As a Horror Comedy, it hits all of the right notes.  Is it perfect?  No.  Like I said, some jokes go on too long or just didn't do anything for me.  As a whole though, it's a quirky irreverent blast.  Isn't that right, Rob Corddry?
Next up, another Horror Remake from the 1990s.  Will the Pods win or will explosions save the day?  Stay tuned...

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