Thursday, January 16, 2014

Because I Watched It!: Upcoming Asylum Films (God Help Us!)

I dared go to The Asylum's homepage yesterday and discovered a whole bunch of new shit to talk about with them.

To begin, here's a film that rips off/is inspired by the Robocop Remake AND Fox's Being Human.  Wow.
Poor Black Dynamite- you deserve better than this.

Up next, a film that must be inspired by Hercules (either version really).  It reminds me more of Demonicus, but whatever.
Nice and generic.  Joy.

Lastly, the film that had to come.  This film must have just narrowly-avoided being a Sharknado sequel (which is happening, naturally)...
Will this be nothing but in-jokes and silliness?  Probably.  Oh and 'Teal'c' is in it.  Happy, Bob?

That said, I'm still going to see it.  Will I pay for it?  Nah.

Hey Asylum Screener Guy/Girl, hook me up!

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