Friday, April 26, 2019

What's the Best Film?: The Avengers Trilogy

Yes, this is shameless.  Even so, I like the challenge of picking between three things that I like.

It's been almost a Year to the day since the last one (for the last Avengers Film), so let's see how they match up...

The Avengers vs. The Avengers: Age of Ultron vs. The Avengers: Infinity War
Three Films that I really, really like.  This will be tough.
The Lead(s)
Here's a tricky one.  Most of the same people are overlapping here.  Can I judge on them how they did in each Film then?

The group dynamic is built up strongly in the first Film, expanded and challenged in the second Film and drawn back together in the third Film.

It's tough, but I'm going with...
Winner: Age of Ultron
The Villain
Arguably the most competitive category.

Do I go with the evil Wizard, the robot who wants to remake the World or the Titan that wants to destroy half of the Universe?

For being built up so well and delivering, I pick...
Winner: Infinity War
Supporting Cast
The original Film has Coulson and Fury, plus a dash of Skarsgard and Pepper.  The Sequel has very few to speak of, unless you count Vision.  The final choice has, wait for it, The Guardians of the Galaxy AND Black Panther.

Winner: Infinity War
The Story
In the first Film, the Team is formed to stop Loki and the imminent invasion of Earth.  In the second Film, they must unite again to stop an evil that two of them created.  In the latest one, they must stop a mad Titan for collecting the Infinity Stones and killing half of all life!

As I said, I love all 3 Film, but I have to go with...
Winner: The Avengers
The Big Action Scene
In one corner, the most iconic MCU Scene to date.  In the 2nd corner, a massive battle against countless Ultron Drones that has real stakes.  In the last corner, the double-header of one Team fighting Thanos on Titan *and* another Team defending Wakanda from the Black Order.

Why is life so challenging?!?  I guess I'm going with...
Winner: Infinity War

The final Winner- Infinity War takes 3 Categories, narrowly-avoiding a tie.

There are no losers here though.  To show there's no ill will, here's this...
I want to play that game.  Oh and no Endgame SPOILERS or everyone dies.

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