Thursday, April 11, 2019

Quick Reviews: A Lure- Teenage Fight Club

Another Film in the 'Ultimate Horror Collection.' So far I've gotten boring Ghosts and generic Mountain Men.  Will things improve with *sigh* this one?
In the Cold Open, three Cheerleaders are kidnapped after they wander out into the Woods.

After that, this young Cop is pestered by her partner about breaking up with her boyfriend...before being sent undercover to figure out what happened to said girls.  Jump Street!
It's all about a Party tonight.  Due to Editing, it appears that this is her first day in School, although I *could* be wrong.

The Janitor switches their invites (with the address) with another one.  Dun dun dun!
After some padding and minor Character Development, they drive out to the Woods for a you do.  Is it safe?
Of course not!  They all get captured by weirdos who put them in Cages.  What is their big plan?
They make them fight each other in a crappy ring people watch them.  People apparently pay $5,000 a night for this- why?!?
Can any of them escape?  Can they stop the criminals?

To find out, watch the Movie (if you insist).
Considering I paid $1.99 for the whole Disc (with 5 Films), I guess this wasn't a complete rip-off.  The Film is...nothing special.  It looks cheap.  It feels cheap.  It is cheap.  Ironically, this is the same Film which says that rich people would pay $5,000 to watch teenage girls fight to the death.  This is the same Film that the Villain brags about making nearly A MILLION DOLLARS with this business.  Wait- is that how they funded this?  Was this a confession?!?  All kidding aside, the Acting  Nobody is really bad, but nobody is really stand-out.  It is mostly just an excuse to have woman shriek in peril- a lot!  If you took a shot every time one of them screamed/cried out, you'd die of alcohol poisoning in the first Hour!  It's a *bit* regressive, even if it is from 2010.  Yes, they do get their revenge on the men- mostly- but its still pretty exploitative.  I won't SPOIL the whole thing, but I do have to point out how they ruin the Ending for no reason.  Happy(ish) ending- fine.  Pointless add-on (that made me think that they just forgot to stop filming) which has the Lead appear topless and implies that she'll be killed- not fine.  It's just...why?  Why do this?  There's already lots of death, so adding a dour stinger to the end is just unnecessary.  This is basically a weird attempt to slap on the 'Heroine dies in the beginning of the next Slasher Film' trope to the end of the FIRST Film.  Why?  This Film was apparently going to just be called Lure, but the Distributors insisted upon the name change.  It makes this Credit especially funny then...
A pretty nothing Film that is just generic as hell.  If you like women screaming in terror though, it's for you!

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