Monday, April 22, 2019

Buy the DVD?!?: Blood Mania (1970)

So do you remember the Nurse in Blood Mania?

She didn't do a whole lot...unless you watched the TV Version of the Film...
In the Theatrical Cut, she leaves before all of the bad stuff happens.  One sister kills the other and the former gets caught by the Blackmailer.

Why he's there is anyone's guess.

In the TV Cut, they obviously couldn't show all of the blood and nudity.  They came up with an *odd* solution.
In that version, she was actually in cahoots with the Blackmailer!  She seemingly-left, but actually saw what went down.

She tells the guy about it, he finds the body and there's your Ending.

So here are the two options...
1) Watch Blood Mania with a big, bloody conclusion, but a Plot Hole
2) Watch Blood Mania with NO BLOOD, but no Plot Hole.

Incidentally, the TV Cut wasn't available for me to see as a Digital Copy, but it is on many of the more recent DVD/Blu-Ray Releases.

To buy or not to buy- that is the question.

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