Friday, April 19, 2019

DCE-Hulu: Doom Patrol- 'Therapy Patrol'

Another week of craziness.  This time, they just need to work out their issues...
Robotman has the novel idea of Therapy.  They're all messed up, so why not try it?

Granted- they're all messed up and running this themselves, so...maybe not such a good idea.
The Episode is broken down into sections for each Character.  See such thrilling things as Elastigirl's terrible parents, Crazy Jane's terrible parents or...Negative Man's terrible parents.

The only way this could get more Freudian is if they all started smoking and falling in love with their Fathers!
They go through other issues in their past in their segments.  Some of them take it better than others.
It all leads back to Therapy, where a few metaphorical bombs are dropped and they manage to squeeze in one last WTF moment.

To find out more, watch the Episode.  Still on DC's Streaming Service aka the only place to watch Steel.
A bleak bit of distraction.  So I'm getting to the point where I have to ask a question- does this Story ever plan on moving forward?  After seemingly-going quickly, they stopped for a 2-Parter.  After that, more stuff to keep them from actually moving the Story forward.  Do they think that they can keep stalling, but we won't notice if someone says 'we need to find the Chief' in every Episode?  Well, we noticed.  Ignoring the fact that they can't quite seem to go anywhere, the other stuff here is pretty darn good.  The Acting, as a whole, is really strong here.  I'm getting a little tired of them always moping, but they do it well.  Brendan Fraser, as always, manages to anchor the Show quite well and impress anyone who only thinks of him solely as a Comic Actor.  Kudos to them with playing with the Episode Layout a bit here too.  I'd still hope for more actual, you know, progression, but they did this Episode as strongly as they could.  Does the DCEU have an Episode 7 Problem too?  As always, they keep me just interested enough with the insanity, so I'll keep watching.  As a bonus, this Episode gave me the perfect response to anyone who tries a bit of revisionist history and says that everyone liked Titans when it came out...
Next time, more craziness and random stuff.  Here's hoping that they're done moping.  See you then...

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