Saturday, November 29, 2014

Zoned Out: Tooth & Consequences

It is Saturday and we are now going to take our weekly trip into...
In this Segment, we see the Tale of a man who hates his life...but will learn that things can always be worse.
This Dentist (the guy on the right) hates his job.  Nobody likes him and he doesn't want to take it.
He chases away all of his Patients for the day and loses his latest Receptionist.  What could go right?
He tries to hang himself, but falls from the chair into the arms of...The Tooth Fairy?  Yes, Kenneth Mars here is The Tooth Fairy and he grants the man's wishes: he will be loved and respected.
It works.  It really, really works.
Unfortunately, it works TOO WELL and he can't stand the attention.  People are literally mobbing him like he's a shirtless Taylor Lautner in Forever 21.
He ends up 'riding the rails' with some other Hobos.  Why do they understand him?

They were also Dentists who got 'their wish' granted by Mars.  Dun dun dun!  The End.
Another quirky Short from this Series.  This Tale is not complex.  This Tale is not deep.  This Tale is not even super-clever.  What is this Tale?  It is odd, silly and just plain fun.  This poor Dentist is so depressed and then gets everything he wanted...but he can't handle it.  The whole thing is played the right amount of silly for me.  Kenneth Mars plays the role straight, making him stand out next to the Dentist.  He is pretty much the only one here playing it straight too, which is nice too.  He also doesn't do anything overtly magical or anything.  The Dentist says what he wants and he tells him that he got it.  This makes the second half look all the more surreal, as you have no 'proof'' that something really happened.  The twist is a little obvious, but still neat.  These kind of Stories are fun because they happen in their own sort of reality and don't have to match up to anything else.  As a short, fun Twilight Zone tale, this works for me.  As a bonus, it was Directed by Robert Downey Sr- weird!
Coming next week, a Food Critic makes one enemy too many.  What's the worst thing that can happen when you eat out?  Stay tuned...

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