Tuesday, November 4, 2014

'Deep Blue Sea' Moments: All Hallows Eve (2013)

As part of All Hallows Post, I watched a 2013 Film called All Hallows Eve (review coming soon).

Instead of just a review, I also got two other Segments out of it!  Here's the first...

In Story 1, these ladies are trapped in a...somewhere by...some people.  These two have been there the longest.
The new girl (on the left) is scared, so one of them tries to comfort her.  They recompose themselves and try to plan an escape.
She starts to talk about how they can escape when...
...someone yanks on the chain around her neck and drags her away.

Either they are super-strong or using some sort of construction equipment!
The ladies, naturally, freak out as all hope is lost (or is it?)!
So maybe check your surroundings before you plot against your captors.  The More You Know...

Seriously though, that was silly.  The whole Film was...but you'll see later.

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